Basically what is Baby Swimming

In infant-toddler terms, swimming is the ability to move through the water, harmoniously on the babies own accord. Initially, for very short distances. Not stroke swimming. In the younger stages, the primary mode of propulsion is kicking. For those children who continue to practice, their child will eventually be able jump in, turn around and swim back to the side.

Some babies who started prior to their first birthday before the age of 30 months can swim comfortably holding their breath over 15 seconds covering long distances. They come up after the swim relaxed and calm (please do not try this at home). This takes hours and hours of practice and very gradual lengthening of the swims. Babies should finish each swim happy, not panting and not take in any water.

It is paramount that the wellbeing of the baby is never sacrificed to impose the accelerated and premature acquisition of any safety skills!

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