Swimming pools are one of the safest environments during COVID

Swimming pools are one of the safest environments during COVID

For all my swimming friends – Factual information is important.

Unfortunately, Swimming Pools and their operations are often a misunderstood environment through lack of knowledge and incorrect assumptions.   We need to promote evidence-based decisions.

International scientific evidence has acknowledged, pools are one of the safe environments. To read the full review, go to: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1USdju2tO8qasVxyPnl7JZT-wgDKbp7jq/view

The review investigates three main areas

  1. COVID-19 persistence/survival/removal in water;
  2. Humidity as a factor in reducing COVID-19 transmission
  3. The structured/unstructured environments.

In short the review suggests that swimming pools are one of the safest and should be the first to reopen post Covid -19 lockdown as:

  • COVID-19 has low stability in water, with little or no chance to cause infection in pool water as it is incredibly susceptible to Chlorine, Ozone and UVC,;
  • The maintenance of controlled humidity and temperature play a role in the inactivation of COVID-19;
  • The indoor structured programs provide a safe sporting environment.

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