What is the Best Age to Start Swimming?

What is the Best Age to Start Swimming?

From my experience it is best to start well before 18mths old. The younger a child starts the more comfortable, the water feels and the more natural their movement in it. One can start before a baby is 12mths old. Swimming increases a baby’s core and physical strength which help with gross and fine motor skills. The younger the baby is the easier it is for the child to adjust to the water environment and become comfortable with submersions. At approximately 19 months to 24 months toddlers can begin to enter the “challenging twos” phase. It is easier to teach water adjustment and breath control before this stage begins. However, it is never too late when utilizing a creative and interactive curriculum. The focus of my swimming classes is always water safety, not to panic and to think before acting. The group class structure works miracles and motivates children to participate with their peers, at any age.

It seems that children are going on ‘Play Dates’ at a younger and younger age. Even if you do not have a pool at home someone else might. It is best to get little ones water smart as soon as possible. Family schedules become busy before you know it. Fitting in a swimming lesson suddenly becomes a juggle. A water smart child is a happy, safer child.

To sum things up. It is never too early nor too late to start swimming.


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